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Revo 24|36 lathe


Strong Foundations - Polished Solid Steel Bed, 208mm (8") Wide


Luxurious Control Panel with Smooth Variable Speed Control


Secondary Control Panel Can be Mounted on the Right Hand End of the Bed


Secondary Control Panel can also be Mounted Onto the Tailstock - It's your Choice


Cam Lock Tailstock with Self Ejecting Centre and On-Board Centre Storage


Highly Polished Steel Bed - Tool Rest Glides into Position, Locked with the Soft Grip Cam Lever


305mm (12") Wide Tool Rest with a Round Hardened Steel Edge


Comprehensive Spindle Indexing System with 3 Levels Giving a Choice of 14 / 36 / 48 Locking Positions

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Combination of Electronic Variable Speed Control and 2 Belt Positions Gives a Speed Range of 50-3500rpm


Power Inverter Converts Standard 240v Electric Supply to 415v for the 3 Phase Motor


Powerful 2200w (3hp) 3 phase Motor Gives Smooth Variable Speed Control


Supplied with an Industrial 16 amp Plug Fitted


Bowl Turning Capacity of 600mm (24")


Spindle Turning Capacity 910mm (36")


Optional Accessory: Heavy Duty Wheel Kit with Gas Spring Assisted Foot Pedal


Optional Accessory: Wheel Kit Lifts Both Ends of the Lathe


Optional Accessory: 12″ Swing-Away Extension - “Park” the Tail-stock onto the Extension & then Swing it Out of the Way when Not in Use.


Optional Accessory: Comparator Centers - Used to Mount an Original or Template Just Behind the Work Piece for Visual Copying

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£4499.00 Inc. VAT

£3749.17 Excl. VAT

Revo 24|36 Lathe

Sharing all of the outstanding features of the best selling 18/36REVO, the bigger version increases the bowl turning capacity to a massive 24" diameter over the bed.

One of the striking features of the lathe is an ergonomic panel with controls mounted in an anodized aluminium plate. The speed is smoothly controlled with a tactile rubber augmented knurled aluminium dial. Add the blue hue of the speed indicator and this machine stands out from the competition. In addition to the headstock control panel, the 24/36REVO has a secondary control panel which you can choose to mount onto the right hand end of the bed or onto the tailstock.

The solid bed, with an impressive width of 208mm, is made of high-quality steel ASTM A36 (tougher than cast iron), and is precisely ground providing smooth travel of the headstock, tailstock and toolrest. The spindle is run by a highly efficient induction motor with a VFD frequency convertor for high torque even at lower speeds. The speed range can be changed with a clever one-lever mechanism.

The headstock, tailstock and toolrest of the lathe are made from cast-iron securing minimum vibration and high comfort for turning of over sized pieces. Tailstock and Headstock cam lock levers are placed on the back of the machine and will not get in the way. All cam lock levers have soft grip handles and a long length resulting in a firm feel with no deflection.

A redesigned banjo features more compact design, 45˚ cutout, wider base, increased eccentric rod diameter and larger hanger resulting in a more solid feel when locking in place.

The cast iron floor stand has had the material thickness increased by 80%, over the 18/36REVO, to handle the extra weight and stability requirement.

A further upgrade is the front bearing which has a 30% higher load rating than the standard bearing.  

Supplied with 2MT four prong drive centre, 2MT revolving tail centre, 75mm (3") diameter faceplate, knock-out bar, onboard storage for accessories, 1.8m power cable with industrial 16 amp plug. 

Optional Accessories

Swing Away Tailstock: A fast and convenient way to move the tailstock out of the way is this hinged extension bed, which can quickly be unclipped and swings the bed and tailstock away.  

Heavy Duty Wheel Kit: Attaches to each end of the floor stand. With foot lever action, assisted by a gas strut to take the weight, moving this heavy lathe around is a breeze.  

Comparator: The comparator set is a method of mounting a spindle to be copied so that it sits at eye level. The work piece can then be easily compared to the template. 

Halogen Flood Light: Dust proof ribbed aluminium case, swivels 320 degrees and provides bright glare free illumination on the work piece.

ALEDSPINEA high quality 'SpineLock' LED lamp. High output 80 CRI and 500 Lumens for optimised lighting.
Mounts directly to the headstock or tailstock of 24/36 lathe. Features a flexible spine that locks the lamp head in position.
Water, dust and impact resistant head with military grade toughness. 


Part Number 24/36REVO
Motor (Induction) 2200w (3hp) 3 phase output
Power Supply 220-240v / 50Hz / 1 phase
Recommended Breaker 16 Amp
Swing over bed 600mm (24")
Swing over Banjo 490mm (19.5”)
Swing with optional Expansion Set 965mm (38")
Distance between centers 910mm (36”)
Between centers with optional Expansion Set 1410mm (56”)
Speed Range - Low  50-1300 RPM
Speed Range - High 135-3500 RPM
Drive Belt Poly-Groove Drive Belt with quick change
Toolrest Length 305mm (12")
Tool Rest Stem Diameter 25.4mm (1”)
Tool Rest Leading Edge Hardened Steel
Headstock Spindle Taper 2MT
Headstock Spindle Thread  M33 x 3.5mm (Right Hand)
Headstock Spindle Through Bore 9.5mm (3/8”)
Headstock Spindle Indexing 14/36/48 positions with Lock
Headstock Front Bearing TPI Taiwan 6207LLU
Headstock Rear Bearing TPI Taiwan 6205LLU
Tailstock Taper 2MT
Tailstock Quill Travel 114mm (4.5”) Self Ejecting
Tailstock Through Bore 9.5mm (3/8”)
Faceplate Diameter 75mm
Floor to Spindle Centre   1130mm (44.5")
Assembled Dimensions (WxDxH) 1524mm x 660mm x 1327mm
Shipping Dimensions (WxDxH) 1540mm x 690mm x 650cm
Weight (Net /Ship) 254Kg / 266Kg
Manufacturers warranty 1 Year
Assembly time 2 Hours (Needs 2 people)


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Independent Reviews

" Someone clearly put a lot of thought into this machine. The 2-hp motor is very powerful, and adjusting the speed is smooth and quiet. The conical nose on the headstock is a great feature that will aid in power sanding and removing tenons from the bottoms of bowls. The tailstock has all the features it should have, most importantly a locking mechanism that holds it securely to the bed " […] Read More

Michael Mahoney
Fine Woodworking Magazine

" Laguna has clearly done their homework, and they seem to be making a statement that they want to be a serious contender in the lathe market. The 18|36 stands out in its class in terms of performance, control, superb attention to detail and ergonomics " […] Read More

Paul Mayer
Woodworkers Guild of America

" The newly redesigned Laguna Revo 18|36 lathe is a serious contender in the professional grade woodturning lathe market. From it’s user-friendly ergonomic design, cast iron and steel construction, and beautifully machined components to the blue hue of the illuminated control panel, it’s clear that the Laguna Revo 18|36 is a serious competitor that’s here to win over even the most discriminating woodturner " […] Read More


Please Note: There may be minor differences in the specification and appearance between the European model and US model featured in these articles. 



Heavy duty wheel system with foot pedal lift

£699.00 inc. VAT
£582.50 excl. VAT

18|36WK Wheel System

Swing away extension bed. Also adds 300mm (12") to spindle capacity

£179.00 inc. VAT
£149.17 excl. VAT

18|36SE Swing Away

Expansion Set: The 500mm (20”) extension bed increases spindle capacity to 1410mm (56"). A riser block allows the tailstock to travel out to this full length. Bowl turning capacity is increased to 800mm (32"). A tool rest post extension completes the set.

£649.00 inc vat
£540.83 ex vat

18|36EB Expansion Set


Complete kit that raises the lathe about 75mm (3") to give a center line height of 113cm (44.5"). Optional Wheel System will function with this addition.

£220.00 inc.VAT
£183.33 excl. VAT


A high quality 'SpineLock' LED lamp : High output 80 CRI and 500 Lumens for optimised lighting.
Mounts directly to the headstock or tailstock of 24/36 lathe. Features a flexible spine that locks the lamp head in position.
Water, dust and impact resistant head with military grade toughness. 

£109.00 inc.VAT
£90.83 excl. VAT


Magnetic Mount for Spine lock LED Light allows the work light to be placed on any magnetic surface, such as a bandsaw table or lathe bed. Stays securely in place when mounted. Ideal if you want to move the lamp around your workshop.

Mounting hole centres 60mm.

£25.00 inc.VAT
£20.83 excl. VAT


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